Plastic Tamper Seal Tags


Item #:LXM1368





Color:Yellow, Red, Light Blue, White, Green, Custom

Size:9.84 "

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1 - 4 $4.99
5 - 19 14.63 % $4.26
20 - 199 23.45 % $3.82
200 - 999 36.87 % $3.15
1,000 - 4,999 59.32 % $2.03
5,000+ 71.34 % $1.43


Summary Description:

Quality plastic seal products, plastic seals can also be used to secure the luggage tag, fire extinguisher, PC cables and many occasions.


  • 1. Size : 9.84"
  • 2. Imprint Methods : Printed
  • 3. Custom Colors

Product Information:


We use high quality PP plastic so that any one of our seals can be a practically perfect answer to your safety uses.
Safety: We build every one of our seals with a statement of toughness and strength. It can withstand force up to 25lbs!
Design: Creative process featuring solidity, neatness, and functionality. Finishing touched by our exquisite cutting-edge laser, our tamperproof tags are decorated with unique and continuous serial numbers.
Details: Length of 9.8’’ (250mm). Pull tight security tag seals with adjustable locking length; Self-locking and hand-breaking up; One-time use.
Application: extinguisher, truck, containers, vans, cables, postal parcels, meters, first aid kit, luggage, shoes, suitcase, cloth, bags, donation box, storage, hospital, bank, duty-free shops, supermarkets.


Tags-Recovery, Tags-Dog/Military Identification

Colors : Custom

Sizes : 9.84 "

Materials : Plastic

Samples : Aveliable


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